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 Experiences anchored to purpose

Just like kelp is anchored to rock, meaningful experiences are anchored to purpose

Kelp Creative helps organisations identify a clear purpose and intent for an experience, then develops an experience brief; the holdfast.

Developing the initial brief for an experience can be the hardest part of its  design, and it’s the most important! 

The key to developing a successful, meaningful experience, is the brief which anchors the experience to its purpose.


It's just like the key to kelp's success is its holdfast, which anchors it to rock.

A well-articulated brief provides a launchpad for creative and inspired design, ensuring the experience develops as intended, avoiding unnecessary and expensive re-work.

Once the purpose and brief are clear, the experience can flourish.

Experiences anchored to purpose

Designing diverse experiences

for diverse organisations

Kelp Creative helps schools, retail precincts, zoos, parks, museums, councils and businesses connect with their communities through creating diverse purpose-rich experiences, spaces and community engagement projects. These include:

  • Interpretive Planning


  • Master Planning & Placemaking


  • Visitor Experience & Activations


  • Play & Interactivity

  • Behaviour Change

Imagine you've been asked to connect people, places and stories. Your people may be students, visitors, community or clients.


You may have ideas about the experience you want, but don’t know how to get there. 

Before you hire an exhibition designer, a project manager, marketing agency, architect or landscape architect, you need an Experience Designer. That's where Kelp Creative comes in.


Together, we'll clarify the intent and purpose of your experience, and establish a clear brief, anchored to your purpose. We'll then assemble a team of design professionals or integrate with your consultants to facilitate the experience design and delivery, ensuring the outcome is on brief, and on purpose. 

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